Volkswagen is offering a €50,000 reward to the winner of an award named the “Science Award for Electrochemistry”.

One of the biggest Science Awards ever

Combining with BASF, a well-known chemical company Volkswagen are ultimately looking for suggestions to make efficient electric batteries.  This will not be a one off either; the award is set to run annually. This is certain to be taken very seriously as the prize money offered is one of the biggest fees out there.

Officially the award “promotes outstanding accomplishments in science and engineering from which stimulation may be gained for the development of high-performance energy storage devices.”

Increasing reliability and decreasing the price tags

The emergence of such an award goes to show just how difficult it is for car producers to produce electric vehicle technology. The cost of doing so has been effectively passed down to customers, with the starting prices of electric vehicles being extremely high. It is very important that innovation and continuous development occurs in order to eventually bring down the cost of electric vehicles and enhance the reliability of car batteries. Volkswagen seems to be making this a priority, given the great attractiveness of electric cars to motorists. They hope that price tags will not put them off in the near future.

Martin Winterkorn

Martin Winterkorn, Chairman of Volkswagen said “We have set ourselves the ambitious goal of ensuring that Volkswagen battery systems will facilitate reliable day-to-day operations for 10 years, thus lasting for a normal automotive life span”
Volkswagen and Audi future releases

Volkswagen are on the brink of releasing the Jetta Hybrid. Audi who are owned by Volkswagen will soon release the Audi A6 and Audi A8. In spectacular fashion we also get the opportunity to see the Audi R8 e-tron, due for release next year. This will be a limited edition model however. The XL1 plug-in hybrid may also be released next year. Prices and specifications have not yet been made public. Volkswagen are clearly looking to rival the likes of Ford, General Motors and Toyota with these releases mentioned above.

For those who are interested in applying for the unique “Science Award for Electrochemistry” can do so at Specific documents must be submitted too. Candidates of specific criteria can apply only. All of this is stated on the website. The Award ceremony itself will be held in Wolfsburg, Germany on October 22nd 2012.