Volkswagen has entered into the small business leasing market which will target small and medium enterprises.Volkswagen believes that the idea has a great deal of potential to be successful. It has been estimated that there are one million Small Medium Enterprises operating across the United Kingdom that require the use of company vehicles.

When a business uses company cars, it is of great importance that they meet business requirements in terms of costs and management, no matter how the small the business may be or few cars that they may run.

Volkswagen’s dedication

Volkswagen have the right team of experts to ensure that any interest business will have all of their needs met.

Volkswagen has said that all their scheme caters for all business needs as well all drivers’ lifestyles. There are many different types of vehicles available to be leased stretching across all car categories. These include the brand new Volkswagen Up! the Volkswagen Beetle, the Volkswagen CC and much more including the Volkswagen Touareg. Many BlueMotion technology variants are expected to be snapped up given their amazing business benefits. The lower the emissions the lower the company tax bills too.

The business idea has already been a success. So far there have been 345 enquiries and quotations for vehicles. Already two vehicles have been sold through Volkswagen’s latest scheme through the retailer Tony Burns. The Scirocco and the CC have been purchased to local businesses.

How to get an online quote

Quotes can be gathered through the Small Business Leasing section from Volkswagen’s website. However the key to success is to meet clients face to face and sell the lease vehicles. This works wonders according to Tony Burns.

Volkswagen has said that their new leasing business is an opportunity to help Small Medium Enterprises in finding the most efficient car leasing options. Volkswagen’s dealership around the UK will not have the opportunity to expand their business operations with Small Medium Enterprises spreading throughout the whole nation.

We believe that this will prove to be a very successful venture by Volkswagen. There is currently a gap in the market for a major car manufacturer to offer these sorts of services at present.