Volkswagen has done it again. The number of deliveries has increased despite a current global automotive industry slowdown.

In November alone the company’s main brands delivered 452,900 vehicles worldwide which represents a 15 per cent increase. Last year the company delivered 395,500 vehicles in November.

Volkswagen Passenger vehicle deliveries have increased by 12.4 per cent from January to November when comparing 2010 to 2011. 4.18 million Vehicles were sold to customers during that period last year whereas this year recorded a sales figure of 4.69 million.

Christian Klinger

Christian Klinger, a Board Member for Sales and Marketing at Volkswagen said spoke of how Volkswagen has managed to sell pretty well despite current market conditions. He said “The Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand performed well in November on world markets that were at times volatile and grew vehicle deliveries further,” 

European Sales

European sales were very positive for Volkswagen. In terms of passenger cars, 1.58 million were sold this year from January to November. A huge 835,900 was delivered to Western Europe alone. In the company’s home country of Germany, sales are currently at an up with 549,300 sold so far. Central and Eastern European regions recorded positive sales figures too. Altogether 195,800 cars were sold to these particular regions. 104,200 were sold in Russia which marks a massive increase.


With the Asia / Pacific region, Volkswagen sold 1.8 million vehicles in November. China purchased the majority of these with 1.61 million sold. This comes as no surprise considering that China is the world’s largest car market.

North and South America

Surprisingly Volkswagen have been performing very well in North America too. They managed to sell 448,500 from January to November this year. Last year, Volkswagen sold 366,200 in the same period meaning the company have increased their sales by 22.5 per cent. Within South America, the company sold 708,100 from January to November this year which is a 3.6 per cent increase on last year where the region sold 683,200.

Volkswagen is clearly on their way to achieving their ambitious target of replacing Toyota as the world’s number one car producer by 2018. With them reporting such positive sales figures in an apparent down turn within the automotive industry, Volkswagen is showing some great resilience.