After already taking a look at the Golf we now go further in depth review the 1.4 TSI GT.

We already know what a great car the Golf is. It is truly an icon across the whole world with owners being proud to own such a vehicle.

We take a look at what is so good about the TSI GT version.

Satisfying speed

The model in question achieves a 158 BHP, leaving the higher models for those who require a more thrilling and speedy ride. The car is for those who would prefer a more stylish and classy feel with a decent performance within their drive. The driving dynamics have catered to deliver a smooth ride. Overall the car is sure to appeal to those who wish to save on fuel bills and drive a stylish vehicle rather than overtake everyone on the fast lane.

Saying that the acceleration of the car is quite respectable, with the TSI GT reaching 0 – 60 MPH in just 8.3 seconds.

Great looking car

One the greatest features about the Golf evolution in it’s design. Upgrades have always added further appeal whilst keeping the traditional Golf shape and design in general. The shape of the TSI GT certainly represents the evolution process of the car.

Inside the car

There are plenty of benefits inside the cabin, with plenty of attention to detail and high quality materials being used. Everyone is bound to be impressed when sitting inside the cabin. The driving position is near excellent too.

Great amount of space

The car does contain a great amount of versatility allowing five adults to sit in comfort. Storage compartments on the side of the door and also the glove compartment are quite large, giving space for more items than usual. The boot has 350 litres of spaces and 1,305 litres of room when the back seats are down, making the car one of the market leaders in terms of the amount of storage space offered.

Facts and Figures

  • Cost: £20,870
  • Acceleration: 0 – 60 MPH in 8.3 seconds
  • C02 emissions: 145g/km
  • Fuel Efficiency: 30.8 MPG