Volkswagen has confirmed that the Golf Alltrack will be put into production. Both will follow the Volkswagen Passat Alltrack which has just been recently introduced. It has been suggested that the vehicle will go on sale in the year 2015.

Different names for different areas

Interestingly the car will have the title of being the Jetta Alltrack in North America and the title of being the Golf Alltrack here in Europe.

A difference between the Gold

There will be a distinct difference both inside and outside the car when comparing the Golf and the new Alltrack version. The car will have sit higher than a typical Golf, giving the car a more dominant appearance on the road. The interior will be redesigned containing unique features.

Volkswagen 4Motion four wheel drive

There is said to be a choice between a standard four wheel drive and an optional 4Motion four wheel drive. It is predicted that Volkswagen’s 4Motion four wheel drive will be the most popular choice. Front wheel drive will also naturally be made available too. Is there really any need? Those who would prefer a front wheel drive vehicle should opt for the same system but within a standard Golf.


The Volkswagen Golf Estate will have the same mechanical engineering as the Volkswagen Golf Alltrack. This will help save production costs and time. Volkswagen’s upcoming MQB infrastructure will also be installed into the Golf Alltrack. This is Volkswagen’s way of generalising all their car brands into one, saving costs and branding the Volkswagen Group at the same time. Currently the Audi A3 is the only car to contain the platform.

America the main market

There will not be too much of an emphasis on the car here in the UK and around Europe. The car’s main target market will be North America.

Volkswagen is clearly focusing on producing crossover type vehicles for the American market. The brand new Volkswagen Tiguan, due out in two years time, will be made larger and will also come with an optional third row of seats.

How will the car cope on the American market? It will have plenty of competition with the likes of the Ford C-Max and a few models from General Motors. It is difficult to see the Volkswagen Golf Alltrack here in the UK; we believe that there will not be much demand for it.