Everyone recognises the Volkswagen Golf as one of the most recognisable hatchbacks on our roads today

Today we review some of our favourite features of the Golf Estate, a model type that may not even know existed.


The German company were perhaps were leaning towards the larger modern family sector of the market with the Golf Estate. They offered a great amount of practicality, which it naturally being applied with the extra space.

There is a great amount of space in the boot, suitable enough for luggage plus shopping. The back seats fold back to create a total of 1495 litres worth of space.

The drive

You’ll get plenty of comfort when driving the car. The bumps are hardy felt, with engine and wind noise not as present compared to rivals. When driving the Golf Estate you get the feeling of great stability with the car being sturdy with an impressive grip to the road.


He 1.4 TSI petrol versions are good value for money as they give a decent performance for a family car. The 1.6 litre diesel engine balances a great performance along with superb fuel efficiency. Bluemotion technology adds further a further boost to economical credentials.

General Quality

It’s still a Volkswagen Golf, so expect it to contain a lot of quality. The interior is splendid with a comfortable position and comfortable seats. The Golf Estate looks like a car that was manufactured with great attention to detail. The car is unlikely to come up with too many faults as it is has a great reputation for reliability.


Volkswagen won’ let you down when it comes to safety. Being a Golf that even more based around being a car, the Golf safety boasts plenty of safety technology and equipment. If there an unfortunate case of an accident does occur, the car has plenty of kit to keep everyone as protected as possible. Stability control will help prevent collisions as much as possible along with a full set of airbags around the car keeping everyone as safe as possible.


The Golf estate is a brilliant choice for those families who need that bit more space and practicality. The Golf Estate is still a Golf, just a bit larger.