Jobs at the Volkswagen Group have significantly increased over the past four years. There have been over 225,000 members of staff working for the company.

The Volkswagen Group consists of Porsche, Ducati, Volkswagen, Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini, SEAT and Skoda.

The significance of 2007

2007 was quite a significant year for the company. It was back then when they decided to implement the 2018 strategy. It is by this year when they want to become the world’s undisputed number one car seller.

100,000 new posts have essentially been created since the year 2007. Altogether the workforce within the Volkswagen Group has increased by 70 per cent since this specific year. A number of apprentices have been hired, with the company thinking of the future. It is estimated that over half a million employees are now working for the Volkswagen Group.

Dr Horst Neumann, a Member of the Board of Management for Volkswagen, in charge of Human Resources said that the rise in employees comes in line with the rise in profit. He said “The Group has continued its healthy growth again in 2012. Our cars make customers enthusiastic and this success is also reflected by employment. The Group now employs some 70 percent more people than five years ago. At the same time there has been a respectable rise in productivity and profit.” He also went on to mention that everyone who has recently been taken on both in Europe and throughout the world have settled into the company wonderfully.

Attractive employer

Dr Neumann as head of human resources also said that Volkswagen is becoming one of the most attractive employers. He said “The group is now experiencing a consolidation phase. We also continue to work on our objective of becoming the most attractive employer. We are investing strongly in our junior staff and safeguarding the future-oriented nature of the Group. In future, Volkswagen will continue to offer performance-oriented young people outstanding career entry and development opportunities.”

Will Volkswagen become the world’s number one by the year 2018? 2012’s results have not yet been announced by 2011 was a very promising year of the company. They were very close to achieving their target early but finished second to General Motors.