Volkswagen is aiming to become the number car producer in the world. Last year they were beaten by General Motors, although some argue that Volkswagen should have been declared the winner due to various factors.

The sales target
Sales in 2011 for Volkswagen stood at 324,000. Volkswagen wants to up the ante somewhat and double that figure to 800,000 by the year 2018.
More work is needed in the United States
Volkswagen understand that if they are to become the world’s number one by the set target of 2018, they will need to step up their game in General Motors home market of the United States. The majority of sales came from Chevrolet and the America in 2011, helping the company to make outstanding profits.

The Sports Utility Vehicle division
Volkswagen will attempt to dominate the American market by adding more Sports Utility Vehicles into the country, a vehicle that is proving to be ever so popular across the Atlantic.

How have Volkswagen turned it around?
That target mentioned above would have been deemed unrealistic just two years ago, with the German brand struggling in the United States. The Volkswagen Jetta compact sold 150,513 last year, which represents a great increase of 54.5 per cent. The Volkswagen Passat has also been selling tremendously well, with production capacity figures on the up due to the increasing demand. There is expected to be 250,000 Volkswagen Passats developed every year eventually. These two cars have helped turn the fortunes of the company around over in the United States. How? The Volkswagen Jetta had it’s price lowered to compete with the likes of the Honda Civic. The Volkswagen Passat went up against the Ford Fusion and the popular Toyota Camry after having it’s price reduction.

Chevrolet also in Volkswagen’s sights
But now it could be time for the Sports Utility Vehicles to help further raise the game of the company. Volkswagen now has the Chevrolet and Ford as well as Toyota and Honda in their sights. The new generation Volkswagen Tiguan crossover will enter the same market segment as the Chevrolet

Equinox, the Ford Escape and the Honda CR-V
The Chief of Volkswagen’s American ventures Jonathon Browning said “We have lots of room for growth in the Tiguan’s segment. It could become the third leg of our volume, along with the Jetta and Passat.”