Volkswagen-ID-to-feature-revolutionary-heads-up-display-technologyVolkswagen’s new ID electric car set to be launched by 2020, will feature a revolutionary new instrument systems, says VW head brand designer Klaus Bischoff.

In an interview with Autocar, Bischoff said that his team had managed to push the dashboard forward by 200mm as a result of relocating the motor to the rear of the vehicle, and moving the climate control system to the front. The creation of this extra space has allowed VW engineers to implement a new type of technology called ‘augmented HUD’ (heads-up display).

Bischoff said the new technology would be capable of projecting information and pictures to create the impression they are 15 metres ahead of the vehicle driver. This will allow navigation directions to appear as if they are on the road itself.

By the time this tech finally reaches showrooms – before the end of the decade – the capabilities will have expanded far beyond navigation. Potential hazards such as pedestrian crossings and obstructions on the road will be highlighted, as well as slippery parts of a road surface.

The amount of information available will grow as more vehicles are fitted with the HERE mapping system, which acts as a sort of road user ‘cloud’. The technology – owned by Audi, BMW and Daimler – will use hyper-accurate Lidar-based 3D mapping tools, plus live information from millions of vehicle sensors to share live information and safety warnings to other vehicles fitted with the technology.

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