When you hear of Formula 1, you instantly think of famous car brands. Ferrari, McClaren Mercedes-Benz, Lotus Renault is just a few of the teams currently in the competition. Volkswagen is desperate for the piece of the action and has sensationally announced their interest in Formula 1. The world’s most famous racing competition would certainly benefit from having Europe’s number one manufacturer on board.

This has not been the first that we’ve heard of this however. In 2009 Volkswagen originally were rumoured to be joining the competition. The German car giant was originally supposed to join as an engine supplier. Rules were made so that 1.6 litre turbocharged V6 engines had to be developed in 2014.

By the end of last year it was decided that VW would not enter F1. Jost Capitio, the Head of Volkswagen motorsport stated that the company would not be entering the single seater auto racing competition earlier this year. But rumours have not stopped since. It has since emerged that his words may have been slightly taken out of context. He claimed that he was speaking about the actual Volkswagen brand and not the group as a whole. In that sense everything Volkswagen’s entry has not been completely ruled out.

It has been rumoured that Volkswagen will enter the Formula 1 in the year 2015 in association with Sauber. The CEO of both companies has recently met to discuss the possibility of linking together for F1. They met at the Geneva Motor Show which was held earlier this year.

Volkswagen could develop a new chassis in the future for the sport at recently purchased Porsche premises in Weissach. At the moment Porsche are believed to be working on an entrant into the Le Mans race. If Porsche were to focus their energy on the F1 race, it would add a great deal of spice to the competition. Imagine McClaren competing with Ferrari and Porsche?

Sauber are performing at a very high level this year in F1. The two drivers with the current team are surprisingly in the Top 10. Sauber are also competing with as little sponsorship as possible at the minute. It will be difficult to find better partners in crime for Volkswagen. Jost Capito was an executive at the Sauber Red Bull Racing Team from 1996 to 2001. Volkswagen still has every chance of making their Formula 1 ambition a reality.