Sales of Volkswagen vehicles have grown by 84 per cent for January and February this year when comparing the last.

Volkswagen Middle East has improved on the 21 per cent growth figure which was recorded in 2011. In May of last year, Volkswagen released the Jetta model. This has performed so well this year that it’s growth records at 100% compared to the previous Volkswagen Jetta. Volkswagen can also thank the Tiguan and Touareg models which have produced great sales this year.

Customer Service

Marcus Burtos, Sales Director for Volkswagen Middle East has said that the success is down to excellent customer service and hard work from Volkswagen employees. He said “This early 2012 growth in sales represents the hard work and dedication Volkswagen has to bringing new models, tailor made to the region, which our customers want to drive. We are continuously monitoring and developing our customer service practices ensuring that the customer is always at the core of our business. We have progressed significantly and we intend to maintain this momentum throughout 2012 with the launch of new models across the region.”

The Volkswagen Jetta

The Volkswagen Jetta has helped the company achieve a stronger position with the sedan car segment in the Middle Eastern Region.

The new Volkswagen Passat

Sales are expected to be much higher this year with the all new Volkswagen Passat being released. At the Qatar Motor Show in January 2012, the model was showcased and received plenty of fans and very high praise indeed from automotive journalists. Residents within the Middle Eastern region can expect to see the car hit showrooms in June.

The new Volkswagen Polo Sedan

The all new Volkswagen Polo sedan will be introduced into the car market in the latter part of 2012. Again this will help the company increase sales and cement their strong position within the sedan category.

“Think Blue”

A strong marketing campaign has helped Volkswagen succeed. This includes the “Think Blue” initiative, which helps drivers to become more safety and environmentally conscious when behind the wheel. Siemens were a partner in this particular campaign.

Volkswagen attempt to install a great deal of fuel efficiency amongst all their cars using their BlueMotion technology. This has gone a long way in helping Volkswagen achieve such high sales. Vehicles from Volkswagen released at the Geneva Motor Show recently goes to show just how dedicated the company are to providing fuel efficient technology.