SEAT is set to be introduced to India if their owners Volkswagen have their way.

The Volkswagen Group seem intent on the idea. They believe that with SEAT vehicles being produced and sold in India, it would save the company overall plenty of money, which in effect could be spent on other areas of the Volkswagen Group.


The Spanish based SEAT would face a struggle to settle and make their mark in India according to many automotive experts. Volkswagen themselves already have Skoda, one of their other brands are currently competing in the market. Introducing a new rival is a risky move to say the least.

Targeting the younger market

How will SEAT compete and sway customers away from rivals? According to Volkswagen the car’s distinctive looks will be attractive to the younger market in India. Is that a good enough strength to justify the arrival of the Spanish car to India?

First in China?

Earlier this year it was reported that SEAT cars would be sold in China. Volkswagen are reportedly planning for the car to make an impact in China first before taking the brand to India.

Would a change of scene help SEAT?

SEAT could do with a change of scene. At the moment their worldwide sales are not as good as expected. The company are showing poor growth rates at present. Could their introduction into the Indian and Chinese auto market help boast their profile and increase sales?

What are the models in question to be introduced to India? The SEAT Ibiza hatchback along with the SEAT Exeo saloon and the Alhambra remains a possibility.

Can the Ibiza compete in the supermini market? It will go head to head with the Volkswagen Polo, a car that has built a fairly good reputation in the country. The Exeo model will be placed in between the Volkswagen Jetta and Passat, meaning the car could potentially be in direct competition with both models.  The Alhambra will compete with the Toyota Innova in the MPV market, an area which is extremely difficult to compete in.

Is there potential for the car to break through into such tough Asian markets? With Volkswagen’s backing anything is possible. It seems that anything they touch turns to gold at the moment.