Volkswagen has conquered Europe, becoming the number one car manufacturer in the region and is steadily becoming more and more successful in the United States. If they are to achieve their target of toppling General Motors and becoming the worlds number one car maker by 2018, Volkswagen realise that they need to make more of a presence in the world’s largest car market, China.

More to come

According to Volkswagen’s Chief Executive, Martin Winterkorn, this will give the company greater force. Volkswagen’s success in China was quite pleasing to executives in 2011, as the company made record profits thanks to their sales in emerging car markets. But now Volkswagen want to step it up a bit more.

A takeover of MAN SE and Scania

Volkswagen is now planning for a more aggressive expansion in the country. That includes attempting to dominate the truck sector by upping their stake in MAN SE which will allow them to bid for Scania, the Swedish truck maker. This move will be a lot easier said than done however.

Ducati purchase

Volkswagen is also hoping to enter the motorcycle segment, thanks to their luxury brand Audi purchasing Ducati Motor Holding.

2018 target on track

Mr Winterkorn released a statement saying “Our clear goal is to continue our successful course of recent years with great momentum and stability. I am convinced that now more than ever, the Volkswagen Group has the right people in the right positions to make our Strategy 2018 a success.”

The change in management setup

Volkswagen currently does not have a Chief in charge of Volkswagen’s Chinese operations. That is all set to change with the appointment of Jochem Heizmann set to become Head of Chinese operations. However this appointment is certain not to go ahead without controversy. There were said to be some major names that missed out on the position for unknown reasons.

Volkswagen in China last year

Volkswagen sold 2.3 million vehicles in China last year. That represents a 17 per cent increase from 2010. Globally the company managed to sell 8.2 million vehicle’s in 2011 which represented an increase of 14 per cent from 2010.

Creating a brand new management board that is solely dedicated to the Chinese market will significantly help the company what they want to achieve in China. All other foreign major car brands in the country have the same sort of setup so it is quite surprising that Volkswagen have not implemented the same set up as of yet.