There have been some recent concerns that not all vehicles are ready are DAB radio’s. This has not stopped Volkswagen from rolling out the technology across all models from 2013.

This means all Volkswagen 2013 models will have a DAB digital radio system over the conventional type of manual radio. It is not just for luxury cars such as the Phaeton, the Golf and the Polo will receive the technology too.

Sophisticated entertainment system offered by Volkswagen

Entertainment systems on the whole will vary however. Higher up the range will have highly sophisticated features such as a tablet, MP3 player or an iPhone connector.

The Volkswagen Polo S will receive a brand new entertainment package with a total of six speakers inside the cabin. Most Volkswagen models from 2013 are said to have eight speakers within, connecting to a RCD 310 audio sound system or potentially better.

Endless options

Drivers will be able to upgrade their vehicle with a countless number of luxury items, despite the vehicles being upgraded a great deal initially. Optional extras include a MDI (Multi Device Interface) which connects iPod’s and memory sticks, Bluetooth connectivity, touch screen satellite navigation, SD memory expansion and plenty more to choose from.

Beetle audio system

It has been confirmed that brand new Volkswagen Beetles will have the option of an audio system to be installed which is developed by Fender.

A great deal of listening options

A statement from Volkswagen read VW says: “Digital radio not only offers listeners clear, crackle-free sound, but it also gives them a bigger choice of radio stations than is available through conventional FM or AM broadcasts alone. Listening options range from specialist music stations to comedy, current affairs and, of course, the all-important cricket coverage.”

Great news

The Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries, Ed Vaizey has expressed what a great piece of news this is by saying “This is fantastic news from Volkswagen and to be welcomed. People love listening to the radio in their cars and fitting digital means drivers and passengers will be able to enjoy the great range of stations on offer.”

DAB radios are the future with digital analogue services becoming more and more outdated. You will not the typical sort of crackling whilst listening to your favourite radio station. Digital DAB radio broadcasts will be received along with standard FM and AM radio stations.