Volkswagen has announced some exciting news that they are to showcase a new electric vehicle at the upcoming Detroit Motor Show.

This will add to their current portfolio of electric concept cars, with the exciting Volkswagen UP! Currently in that line up.

Are Volkswagen market leaders for sustainable vehicles?

Volkswagen is attempting to show that they are one of the world leaders when it comes to creating vehicles that are friendly to the world’s environment. The strategy makes complete sense as fuel demand is currently at all time high across the world, with it showing no sign of dipping anytime soon. Government officials from across the world have raised major concerns that emission and pollution levels are simply too high and that cars are severely damaging the environment. Electric cars beat those concerns on both fronts, with it not needing any fuel to run and with them not emitting any C02.

2018 target

This specific strategy will be a major factor in helping the company overtakes Toyota by 2018 as the world’s leading car producer. They already hold that title in the region of Europe.

“Pure concept car”

The car to be unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show is not based on any of Volkswagen’s current line up of vehicles. It is completely brand new and a “pure concept car”, according to some reports. They do however want to create a typical Volkswagen family and friendly feel. Despite some journalists claiming that the car will not follow any of Volkswagen models, other reports have indicated that Volkswagen hope to create a “Beetle-esque” type of feel to the design. Is that a good idea?

Volkswagen UP!

As mentioned earlier Volkswagen have a recent history of making headlines by revealing electric concept cars at motor show. The Volkswagen UP! Received plenty of praise when it was revealed to the motor world.  It has revolutionary technology which adapt to future needs and demands of the automotive industry as a city car.

Not many details have been revealed about the vehicle yet. Considering that, the question has to be asked will Volkswagen’s latest attempt have the same type of impact. Our tip is never bet against Volkswagen, we are sure it will take the Detroit Motor Show by Storm.