Volkswagen’s-UK-Servicing-PlansAt Servicing Stop, we know all about car servicing and repairs as we offer the most unique and hassle free car service available in the country. But recently however, Volkswagen in their local dealerships nationwide, have unveiled a new plan which they believe will modernise the car servicing experience they already offer.

What the company plan to do, is use technology to improve on the after sales service which they currently offer. Named the Aftersales Digital Reception (ADR), around 227 local dealerships will gain the ability to greet customers with their specialised knowledge and computer tablets in order to guide clients through the process of servicing, maintenance and repairs.

Around 800 of these specialists will be trained at Volkswagens National Learning Centre in Milton Keynes so the plan can be rolled out as soon as possible. The specialists will then be able to send photos, videos and explanations of what needs to be repaired for its customers after the mechanics have undergone a 34-point visual check.

Kevin Rendell, Volkswagen UK’s head of service and parts operations noted that the ‘Aftersales Digital Reception initiative has been many months in the making and is, we believe, a revolutionary approach to Volkswagen servicing and after sales customer care… Advisors consulting with customers, technicians demonstrating what work needs to be done via video and simple online explanations showing why work has to be carried out all combine to make the service process much less intimidating.’

The reason behind the new Aftersales Digital reception therefore seems to be the removal of the intimidation factor that many people experience when they attempt to get their car repaired at a garage. But, it doesn’t affect convenience or price at all, so Volkswagen have managed to fix just one certain aspect of peoples after sales experiences.

Shame for Volkswagen that Servicing Stop has managed to fix them all…