VW-and-DoorBird-let-drivers-see-whos-at-your-doorWith the constant evolution of online shopping, we no longer have to journey down to the high street to spend our hard earned cash. But one drawback of this method is still causing problems: Delivery. Whilst ordering products online is simple and can be done from pretty much anywhere, getting them delivered at a convenient time can be difficult.

In an attempt to solve this difficulty, Volkswagen has tried to make communication with the delivery drivers or postmen, a bit easier. With a revolutionary new system that links the car’s infotainment system to the video bell installed on their doors, customers can now see who is calling, speak to them and issue instruction on how to complete the delivery.

This new concept of linking your car with your doorbell was first floated by the German automaker earlier this year. The Budd-E concept from CES was fitted with a (completely non-production ready) infotainment system capable of communicating with DoorBird doorbells.

Now however, any customer with an App Connect and Mirrorlink enabled VW will be able to hook their vehicle up with a compatible DoorBird doorbell. When someone rings the doorbell, a message appears on the dashboard touch screen, giving the driver the option to talk with the caller. DoorBird have already built this functionality into their Smartphone app, but until now the technology hasn’t been compatible with cars.

This now means that drivers can instruct delivery drivers on where to leave the package. It could also be used for house guests that arrive early, or unannounced. Future developments will see the system able to open gates or doors.

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