VW-electric-car-concept-revealed-in-sketchesThey don’t tell us too much, but sketches revealed ahead of the 2017 Paris Motor Show, give us a small flavour of what to expect when Volkswagen unveils its new electric car concept at the event next month.

These sketches are the most revealing in-sight we’ve had so far as to what VW’s ‘revolutionary’ new concept car will resemble. Size-wise, the etchings suggest a hatch-back comparable in size to a Golf. This would line it up to rival BMW’s i3. VW have confirmed that the production car it shows off at Paris will be the first based on the brand’s new modular MEB platform.

One of the most striking things we can take from the drawings, is how close to the ground the concept car sits. Other than that, it maintains much of the familiar VW design characteristics albeit with a more futuristic feel.

The sketches don’t reveal much of the interior, but in one – where the door is open – there appears to be no steering wheel in the left-hand drive cabin. This may well be hinting at the car’s potential for autonomy, but could also quite easily be an artistic oversight.

Volkswagen has been quick to point out that this new concept will be as ”revolutionary as the Beetle was seven decades ago” and “has the potential to make history.” The range VW are targeting will be at least 250 miles, but the manufacturer has the potential to hit 372 miles if so desired.

Production of the VW range of new EVs will commence in 2019, and the first model will hit showrooms the following year. The company’s entire electric vehicle program was rapidly accelerated following the diesel emissions scandal which broke about a year ago. By the middle of the next decade, VW intends to be making and selling up to one million electric cars a year.

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