VW-launch-new-cyber-firm-to-safeguard-car-securityWith the increase in connectivity across a wide variety of platforms, and the resultant wider threat to car’s systems; Volkswagen has decided to found a new company with the sole purpose of beefing up automotive security.

The new company, dubbed Cymotive, is the brainchild of VW, and a trio of Israeli cyber security experts. Heading up the company is Yuval Diskin, Tsafrir Kats and Dr Tamir Bechor. Their aim is to “develop advanced cyber security solutions for the next-generation connected cars and mobile services,” a press release has stated.

The company will be based in Herzliya, Israel and also in Wolfsburg, Germany – where Volkswagen has its headquarters.

The exact figure that the car maker has invested into Cymotive has not been revealed, neither has how the ownership rights have been agreed between the different parties.

Duskin, who previously led the Israeli Security Services, will fill the role of chairman. The executive said in a statement: “Together with Volkswagen we are building a top-notch team of cyber security experts. We are aware of the significant technological challenges that will face us in the next years in dealing with the cyber security threats facing the connected car and the development of the autonomous car.”

Vehicles wireless and Bluetooth technology has advanced a long way in a relatively short space of time with the arrival of Infotainment dashboards. This has opened up a whole new opportunity for cyber attack. Focusing purely on speed, design, and fuel efficiency cannot simply be the remit of carmakers. Security must now be given equal billing at the development stage.

In August, researchers discovered a way to clone VW’s key fob door unlocking system using a cheap, off the shelf radio kit. This possibly compromised all Volkswagen cars sold between 2000 and 2016. This was a further kick in the teeth for the German carmaker following on from the diesel emissions scandal that has so blighted the company name in the past year.

Last month, the firm was ordered to pay $14.7 billion dollars compensation to settle some of the ongoing court cases after it admitted using ‘defeat devices’ to cheat test results during emissions test.

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