Volkswagen sausage’s sales sizzle

Yes. You read that right. Volkswagen have put the emissions scandal woes behind them with a good fry up. Whilst admitting fixing cheat devices to their cars to violate emissions standards back in 2014 may have hurt their reputation as carmakers, it has done nothing to harm the German company’s standing as good, honest butchers(…)

Vauxhall GT reveal what’s inside ahead of motor show debut

It’s what’s inside that counts, and the Vauxhall concept car is very proud of what they have inside. Vauxhall have previewed their GT car’s interior ahead of its official debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March this year. We’ve already seen the exterior of the two-seat coupé concept which Vauxhall have described as “a(…)

Volkswagen’s emission scandal tarnishes whole auto industry’s reputation

There was a time when people believed that there was no such thing as bad publicity, all press is good press, the only thing worse than being talked about was not being talked about etc, etc. Well, Volkswagen would politely disagree. The emission scandal that didn’t just cause a ripple but a whole tsunami of(…)

Fourth US state joins legal action against Volkswagen

Bye, Bye Miss American Pie – Volkswagen get a fresh serving of legal woes from the home of the red, white and blue as New Jersey files a lawsuit over emissions scandal. Following the lead of fellow states Texas, New Mexico and West Virginia, New Jersey is just one more voice joining the chorus denouncing(…)

A change in branding might bring a change in fortune, so hopes Volkswagen

Maybe its wishful thinking or maybe they’ve just recently discovered Mad Men on Netflix, but whatever the reason may be Volkswagen are putting all their faith into the power of good advertising. Following the emissions scandal that continues to plague the German carmakers, they have unveiled their latest ad campaign that is set to be(…)

Volkswagen moving forward with electric car range, radical design for 2019

The beleaguered company are hoping their range of electric cars will spark a positive change moving forward from the emissions scandal. According to Autocar, company boss Herbert Diess has challenged Volkswagen’s selection of top designers to produce a new electric car that will become as instantly iconic as the Volkswagen Golf, and he is reportedly(…)

Volkswagen managers were informed about cheat device probes in 2014

The emissions scandal is the big, polluted raincloud that just won’t let the sun shine on Volkswagen. As if the German carmaker’s fortune couldn’t get much worse, it has been revealed that senior managers were warned about a possible probe into cheat device software installed on the cars as early as May 2014. According to(…)

Volkswagen to ‘rotate’ major roles and EU to investigate

Still in the aftermath of September’s emissions scandal, Volkswagen has announced a few details of their future plans. The biggest change will affect the engine-related employees and how long they can do a certain job role before they are ‘rotated’. VW hope this will improve oversight and prevent anything like the scandal happening again. Hans(…)

Volkswagen “relentlessly searching” for emissions scandal culprits

“The situation is not dramatic, but it is intense… We are fighting for every customer and every car,” says VW CEO Matthias Müller. Last Thursday Volkswagen gave the most detailed admission about the emissions scandal so far, during a press conference in Germany. Hans Dieter Pötsch, the VW chairman, and CEO Matthias Müller spoke on(…)

Volkswagen’s UK & US sales plunge after emissions scandal

We can see storm clouds about to ruin this optimistic blue sky… Unsurprisingly, the emissions scandal has brought Volkswagen more bad news this month. Sales of VW products in the UK have dropped by almost 20% and in the US they’ve plummeted 25%. Official findings from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) show(…)