Australia all set for the Volkswagen Golf R Cabriolet

The Volkswagen Golf R Cabriolet will be one of the most desirable cabriolets on the Australian market, if Volkswagen decides to release it there. The Worthersee tuning show in 2011, Austria gave away that Volkswagen might have been planning planning a Golf R Cabriolet was due to be released at some point as it was(…)

The Volkswagen UP! to get a 5 door option

The small Volkswagen UP! is set to receive a 5 door variant within it’s line-up Volkswagen have confirmed.Getting a 5 door option will cost the owner £365 more compared to the standard 3 door version. The dimensions in terms of wheelbase and length will be the same between both the 3 door version and the(…)

Volkswagen investing heavily in Slovakia

It may surprise you that Europe’s largest car maker is planning on business expansions in Slovakia, the Euro Zone’s second poorest country, but Volkswagen have stated that production capacity will reach the 400,000 mark. Volkswagen will invest 1.5 billion Euros in the country, a piece of news which is sure to be uplifting the Slovakian(…)

Volkswagen sales grow once again

Despite a recent fall in sales in Western Europe for the region’s largest car producer Volkswagen have reported an increase in worldwide sales. Sales increased by a great 7.8 per cent in May of this year. Sales were helped by an increase in demand from China. The United States is also taking to Volkswagen more(…)

Volkswagen to build a new plant in China

Volkswagen was the first foreign car maker to enter the Chinese car market thirty years ago. They understand that if they are to reach that number one spot by the year 2018 ahead of General Motors, they will have to strengthen their presence in emerging markets like China. There has been news emerging from the(…)

Volkswagen to purchase Porsche for $5.6 billion

Finally, the deal looks like coming to some sort of conclusion. Volkswagen will purchase the 50.1 per cent remaining of Porsche by the beginning of August. Volkswagen already own 49.9 per cent of the company which they purchased in 2009. Europe’s largest car manufacturer will pay a staggering £3.6 billion for the remaining stake. In(…)

Volkswagen to build 4 million cars in China

Just after reporting that Volkswagen will be increase production and sales in the United States, Europe’s largest car maker has announced they are planning to build 4 million cars in the world’s largest car market, China. Volkswagen are planning to double the production figures by the year 2018 in the country according to the Head(…)

The Polo to become more luxurious…

Volkswagen are set to add a touch screen Bluetooth hand free system within their next generation of Polo’s that are a step above the entry level S trim. That’s quite a major step for the Polo. It will have a similar sort of equipment list as the Scirocco and the Phaeton, two highly luxurious vehicles.(…)

Volkswagen to focus more on the Chinese market

Volkswagen has conquered Europe, becoming the number one car manufacturer in the region and is steadily becoming more and more successful in the United States. If they are to achieve their target of toppling General Motors and becoming the worlds number one car maker by 2018, Volkswagen realise that they need to make more of(…)

Volkswagen hopes to double the U S sales in just six years

Volkswagen is aiming to become the number car producer in the world. Last year they were beaten by General Motors, although some argue that Volkswagen should have been declared the winner due to various factors. The sales target Sales in 2011 for Volkswagen stood at 324,000. Volkswagen wants to up the ante somewhat and double(…)