Seat Ibiza Review

The Ibiza is as fun as its model name suggests. In our review today we take a look at some of the car’s best features. The drive When asking owners of the SEAT Ibiza about their favourite features on the car they are always likely to say how the car drives. The handling on the(…)

Porsche sold for £2.8 million at the Ameila auction

The most expensive Porsche has been sold for the price of £2.8 million. As you may have guessed it is a racing track variant capable of reaching exceptional speeds. The vehicle is a classic one named the 917/30. Engine performance The vehicle contains a staggering 1,000 BHP. Forget about Ferrari’s and other supercars hitting 0(…)

The Volkswagen Vento released in India

Automotive reports from India have confirmed the release of the Volkswagen Vento. The mid – range saloon diesel is expected to be one of the company’s success stories this year, given that it is a diesel. It will be named the Volkswagen Vento Comfortline. The new vehicle will be powered by a 1.6 litre diesel(…)

Skoda Roomster variants

The Skoda Roomster does exactly what it says on the tin. There is a plenty of space, and room within with very low running costs. Running costs The running cost of the Skoda Roomster is one of the car’s best attributes. The Greenline II model is able to achieve a staggering 67 MPG and emit(…)

Skoda Superb Estate Review

The Skoda Superb is one of the most underrated cars available on the UK market. We take a look and discuss why it has the attributes to satisfy most family drivers. Performance The 1.8 TSI engines, with either 150 BHP or 158 BHP is a better option than the 1.4 TSI 123 BHP as this(…)

Skoda Yeti Review

The Skoda Yeti 4×4 is fun to drive and practical at the same time.  Family owners will find the car very useful with plenty of benefits being offered. Performance The performance offered on the Skoda Yeti on it’s wide range of engine variants is one the best features about the car. There are two petrol(…)

The Bentley Continental Saloon

With the price being a minimum of £130,220 you would expect the Bentley Continental Saloon to produce near miracles. In some respects it does in our opinion. We discuss exactly why the car is so great in our review today. Performance The standard version of the Continental saloon produces 552 BHP from it’s 6.0 litre(…)

A recap of the Geneva Motor Show – The Porsche Boxter

Porsche unveiled their new Boxter at the Geneva Motor Show. It is much improved with it’s new lightweight exterior, weighing a great deal less. As expected there is also a great deal more power in the car. 35kg less Porsche said that the latest Boxter will weigh a significant 35kg less than the current model.(…)

A recap of the Geneva Motor Show – The Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse

The Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse was shown off at the 82nd Geneva Motor Show earlier this month. Needless to say the car gained an allegiance of fans and a great amount of praise from automotive journalists. It’s all in the title What does the word Vitesse mean? The Vitesse in the title of the(…)

Volkswagen investing $55 billion to reduced emissions

Volkswagen will put a large majority of an $82.5 billion investment fund into creating cars which are more fuel efficient and friendly towards the environment. Volkswagen to make cars and factories greener As announced by us last year, Volkswagen had set out a huge budget which had the ultimate aim of making the company the(…)