Is the Volkswagen Beetle no longer a girl’s car?

For its glamorous and respectable reputation, the Volkswagen Beetle has mainly been purchased by women throughout its lifetime. Although this type of strategy hasn’t necessarily failed, Volkswagen appears to be directing the latest generation towards the male market too.  Does it make sense to break the car away from its current reputation? Will it actually(…)

A Volkswagen Passat being tested for driverless technology

You hear people saying how brilliant it would be for cars to drive by themselves with no driver needed. This particular piece of technology is closer to being reality it would seem. The Volkswagen Passat is being used in extensive tests around the streets of Berlin.  The car has the intelligence to operate alone with(…)

Volkswagen to invest $85 Billion to become the world’s best

A major announcement has come from the automotive industry in the form of some major Volkswagen investment. Volkswagen is quoted to be investing $85 Billion plus (£54 Billion). The reason behind such a hefty investment? To ultimately become the world’s largest car manufacturer, overtaking Toyota by the year 2018. What will the investment be used(…)

The Volkswagen Golf GTI 35th edition

A legendary and iconic car, the Volkswagen Golf GTI celebrates its 35th anniversary this year. The company also released its 30th anniversary edition 5 years ago, with this seeming to be a recurring pattern. Nevertheless every car fan is sure to be welcoming of the news. Change on appearance Straight away the alloy wheel design(…)

The 2012 Volkswagen Tiguan

Earlier this year we heard that the Volkswagen Tiguan is to receive a major rejuvenation since 2008. Many maybe surprised as to just how popular the car actually is. Within the Volkswagen’s range, sales are behind the Golf, Polo and Passat, with 8,000 sold every year.  Can the makeover bring above rivals such as the(…)

Volkswagen Caddy 30th anniversary edition

Volkswagen has recently revealed what the new edition of the Caddy will look like at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The latest edition is being released to celebrate its 30th anniversary. It was shown as a concept car and will be put into production in 2012, which is the anniversary year. This comes after the Volkswagen(…)

Volkswagen and Porsche merger deal halted

Volkswagen and Porsche were meant to merge but the deal has been held up. A supposedly brilliant deal for both parties involved has hit a stumbling block, in form of a legal hurdle. The news has left Porsche worse off with their shares falling somewhat dramatically in the stock market. This may have come as(…)

Volkswagen Scirocco Review

The Volkswagen Scirocco is a rejuvenated vehicle that recently came back to life in 2008, to great success. It’s now in the third generation and many experts find the car an outstanding purchase. We take a look at some of the cars best features of the latest model and why Volkswagen made a very wise(…)

Is this the end of the road for Volkswagen Suzuki partnership?

Car manufacturers Volkswagen and Suzuki have come to a disagreement about their partnership agreement. Volkswagen feels that the fact Suzuki have struck a deal with Italian car firm Fiat to source diesel engines breaks an agreement between the two companies. However both companies seem to have different views as to whether a contract agreement was(…)

Volkswagen Passat CC Review

What is the Volkswagen Passat CC? Simply put it’s a coupe version of the standard Volkswagen Passat. Introduced in 2008, the car is brilliant choice to those who want a practical family car that has a sporty influence upon it. We take a look at some our favourite features on the car in this article.(…)