Volkswagen Passat

Volkswagen provides an excellent vehicle for families to drive in comfort and space. They are also known for being reliable and safe too. People are able to sit nicely and comfortably with the car storing plenty of luggage. The boot provides an enormous amount of storage. You’ll be able to drive the car with minimal(…)

Volkswagen Golf

The Golf is possibly the most well-known vehicle in the UK. It’s a fashionable and reliable car which many appeals to a wide range of drivers. Throughout its many generations the car has become iconic. Different generations of the gold are seen on the roads. This proves that they were made to last. It seems(…)

Volkswagen Fox

The Volkswagen Fox is one of the cheapest cars to run in the UK. It is an excellent choice for first time drivers. The insurance group is 1 on all models. Despite its small size it offers a generous amount space inside. The boot offers more space than some of its rivals and the car(…)

Volkswagen Bora

The Volkswagen Bora is a reliable car which is said to be based on the Volkswagen Golf. The car came in a wide range of engines to suits different types of drivers. These included a 1.8T petrol engine that can produce around 180 BHP and a 2.5 V5 engine. The Diesel versions were considered economical.(…)

Volkswagen Beetle

It’s hard to find a more uniquely shape car on the roads today. The Beetle provides plenty of fun for owners. Beetles are recognisable instantly by many as it has a great reputation. It has kept its iconic shape throughout all of its generations. Beetle owners mainly opt for the style of the vehicle and(…)

Volkswagen Full Service

Volkswagen full services are recommended yearly to maintain your car to its best condition. Your Volkswagen will avoid major repairs in the future when it is fully serviced. Major areas of your car are checked carefully and in detail for any faults. Your car will be much safer and more efficient after a full service.(…)