The Boxter may be the cheapest Porsche available to buy but it offers great value for money when considering the whole roadster market. We take a look at why it makes a great investment.


We start off with the exceptional performance that the Porsche is able to produce from it’s list of great engines.

If you decide to go for the “basic” 2.9 litre version you won’t regret it. The vehicle is able to push out a maximum of 252 BHP which brings about a wholly exceptional performance. You will reach 0 – 62 MPH in less than six seconds. Would you need any more power? If you do then the Porsche S can hit a maximum of 306 BHP from it’s 3.4 litre engine.

The drive

Driving the Porsche Boxter provides everyone with a great deal of fun and excitement. The car is extremely agile, taking corners at speed with ease and changing direction in an instant. The grip that the car possesses on the road is nothing short of exceptional. Active Suspension Management is installed so that vehicle’s handling is greatly improved but comfort is sacrificed.

Within the car’s class, the Boxter probably the best mix of performance and agility. Revving the engine is sure to bring out some great excitement.


Porsche as you would have expected provide a great deal of quality on all their vehicles and the Boxter is no different. Materials of the highest quality are used throughout, from the car’s mechanical structuring and components to the car’s exterior. No one usually complains of any mechanical problems with car containing a great level of reliability.


Surprisingly the Porsche Boxter contains a great amount of practicality. In fact it is one of the most practical cars in it’s class. Two people can sit in comfort; no one will be too squashed. On the wings of the car there are two neat and sizeable storage spaces.

The driving position is excellent. You will be synced in with the speed and get a great view of the road ahead at the same time. The steering wheel can be adjusted for height and reach, allowing everyone to find their perfect position.

Porsche Boxter variants

  • Open 2.9 2dr – £36,572
  • Open 3.4 S 2dr – £43,800
  • Open 3.4 S Black Edition 2dr – £47,426
  • Open 3.4 Spyder 2dr – £47,843
  • Open 3.4 Spyder PDK 2dr – £49,846