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Volkswagen Back On Track?

Just recently, it seems as if Volkswagens fortunes are back on track after the emissions scandal which started last September. The board have been, it seems so far, proven innocent in the whole affair. Plus, they have just worked out a way to start repairing a small percentage of the vehicles affected. So, with all(…)

So the Board Were Not Involved After All?

So news just recently released by Volkswagen has stated that none of the current or past board members were involved with the emission scandal that rocked the motoring world back in September 2015. This therefore includes current CEO Matthias Müller and past CEO Martin Winterkorn. Volkswagen released a statement notifying the public that “Although the(…)

Volkswagen Bosses Receive Tasty Bonuses for 2015

We are very sorry to keep on talking about the Volkswagen scandal that hit the headlines in September 2015 but, as more information is unveiled, the more we have to talk about really. This time round, the most recent news concerns the bonuses received by VW’s bosses in 2015. It has just been reported that(…)

Volkswagen’s Plans After the Emissions Scandal

In regards to Volkswagen, there is little people have to talk about other than the ongoing emissions scandal. But, as it seems to be coming to an end, it is now Volkswagens turn to decide what they are going to do about their future. So, what is VW’s next step? And how are they going(…)

So So So Scandalous…

The Volkswagen scandal just keeps getting worse as a report from Bloomberg suggest that code words were used in order to slow down global investigation processes. Could this be another mis-teeq in Volkswagens never ending emissions scandal? Volkswagen’s emissions scandal started as a result of VW being cars fitted with computer software that could monitor(…)

Volkswagen to finally reveal annual earnings after delay

Could this mean the emissions scandal fog is finally starting to clear for Volkswagen? Volkswagen Group announced their new set date – April 28th – for its annual earnings press conference and shareholders meeting, possibly indicating that the company are making progress in resolving the financial issues caused by the emissions scandal.   VW Group(…)

Volkswagen confident a resolution to emissions scandal is near

Ready for bygones to be bygones… after paying their billions of dollars worth of fines, of course. CEO of Volkswagen Group Matthias Mueller is confident the company will reach an agreement with regulators in the United States on a technical fix for their diesel cars affected by the emission scandal. The United States has proven(…)

Volkswagen CEO optimistic customers will forgive emissions scandal

Volkswagen boss is confident in his vision of a sunnier, brighter future for the company… he can just about make it out through the heavily polluted emission clouds. Volkswagen Group CEO Matthias Mueller announced he is confident that the beleaguered automobile company will eventually regain the trust of its customers following the emissions scandal that(…)

Volkswagen emissions scandal reparations may include building electric cars in US

Taking the idea of building back trust very literally, Volkswagen may be expected to start manufacturing electric cars in the United States to put the emissions scandal behind them. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has reportedly asked the German automaker to begin manufacturing electric cars in the US, as part of ongoing negotiations concerning the(…)