VW to consider reimbursing drivers of older diesels

Volkswagen is to consider a new initiative that sees UK drivers of its older diesels reimbursed. In an attempt to calm the gathering political storm surrounding diesel car pollution levels, the German automaker has already offered to pay drivers in its home country up to €10,000 as an incentive to trade their older vehicles in(…)

Volkswagen Will Start to Fix Emission Cheating Vehicles

It has been a long time coming, we are at the very start of the second quarter of 2016 and Volkswagen will only now, after almost half a year, be starting to fix some of the 11 million vehicles that were affected by the emissions scandal in September 2015. The scandal affected multiple vehicles all(…)

Volkswagen and Porsche deal near collapse

A deal to merge Volkswagen and Porsche is near collapse, according to reports across the automotive industry. The two year ongoing battle has come across stumbling blocks and obstacles recently, in form of legal tangles and tax complications. Action needed fast Volkswagen themselves have clearly indicated that they don’t want the deal to drag on.(…)