Volkswagen sales

Volkswagen sales hit all time high

Volkswagen’s sales have reached an all-time high thanks to a tremendous 2012. Altogether Europe’s largest car producer sold 9.07 million in 2012. That represents a 11 per cent increase from 2011, which was also a successful year for the company. Volkswagen managed to ride the storm of the European market slowing down by compensating with(…)

Volkswagen sales rise again in North America

Volkswagen has reported a rise in sales for the month of February in the United States. In total the German car giants managed to sell 30,577 units which represented 42.5 per cent increase in sales. This rise in sales is the best ever February for the company since 1973. Customers want more fuel efficient vehicles(…)

Volkswagen Group Sales up by 1.3%

Volkswagen has recorded sales growth globally for January. Last year Europe’s largest manufacturer sold 644,200 cars whereas this year’s figures saw a 652,500 sales figure. Overall this results in growth of 1.3%. North American sales Volkswagen is showing great progress in the North American region. January saw total sales figures of 53,500 which is up(…)

Volskwagen sell 8 million this year

In another article regarding high Volkswagen sales, we report today that the German company sold over 8 million cars in 2011. Overall that represented a 14 % rise in sales as compared to 2010. The company are now expecting to face a difficult 12 months as their sales in 2011 reached record highs throughout the(…)

Volkswagen sees increase in sales and profit again

No this isn’t a replica article of what we have been discussing recently in our blog, Volkswagen sales are up once again. India sales In the tough and competitive markets of India and America, sales were reported to increase by 40% and 67% respectively. Neeraj Garg who is a Member of Board & Director, Volkswagen(…)