VW Porsche merger

Volkswagen to purchase Porsche for $5.6 billion

Finally, the deal looks like coming to some sort of conclusion. Volkswagen will purchase the 50.1 per cent remaining of Porsche by the beginning of August. Volkswagen already own 49.9 per cent of the company which they purchased in 2009. Europe’s largest car manufacturer will pay a staggering £3.6 billion for the remaining stake. In(…)

Volkswagen and Porsche will not merge

Volkswagen and Porsche will not merge together due to legal issues according to the German company. Volkswagen’s Chief Executive Martin Winterkorn said that buying out the company’s core sports unit completely is still a possibility. What has happened so far Porsche’s sports car segment was indeed sold to Volkswagen back in 2009, for an astonishing(…)