Lamborghini will be releasing a new SUV it has been confirmed. The sports car company, whose parent Volkswagen are currently experiencing huge growth at present, will make the car public in April at the Beijing Motor Show. This is part of a strategy to introduce three new cars by 2016 which include the new Aventador and the eventual replacement of the popular Gallardo model.

It will have a very unique exterior style to it along with a glamorously styled interior. Although Lamborghini have been attempting to play their cards quite close to their chest, they have said that in essence confirmed the new SUV for release.

Limited amount

As you may expect the new car will not have a great amount of demand due to it’s cost. The overall cost is expected to be around £120,000 or more, which will rule out the majority of motorists.  Rivals will include the spectacular Maserati Kubang as well as the upcoming Bentley SUV. Around 1,500 new units will be produced it is expected.

China, Middle East and North America

Lamborghini are expected to launch the new SUV in the likes of China as well as the Middle East and North America. They believe the wealthy within these particular car markets will find the car especially attractive.

Rumours about the powertrain

With no official details released about the car yet the automotive industry has been spreading rumours about what the car could contain. Trustworthy sources claim that the performance SUV will be a four wheel drive vehicle. It may contain the Gallardo 5.2 litre engine which is V10 powered. It has also been suggested that with the automotive industry becoming more and more conscious about the environment, a hybrid version of the car may be released too. An electric engine motor combined with a lithium ion battery is the most likely option if anything comes of the speculation.

Weight loss

Volkswagen are attempting to generalise a lot of their brands features in the upcoming future. Part of that plan could be with the new SUV containing the base of the Audi Q7 and a lot of it’s mechanical structure. As Audi SUV’s are attempting to lose a lot of weight, the eventual weight of the car could be less than 2000kg.

As mentioned Lamborghini are hoping to release three models in total. It has been mentioned that there could be a fourth in the making however. A new Lamborghini four door saloon is the vehicle to be brandished about.