Skoda was rescued by Volkswagen after being on the brink of collapse. They seem to have taken an element of the German company’s philosophy.

New people’s car

Skoda, the Czech car manufacturer, aim to be the new “people’s” car, measuring a growth rate double of Volkswagen, which is making a big statement. Volkswagen attempts to move upmarket have failed and lead to the departure of Reinhard Jung.

Jurgen Stackmann, the Board of Directors member for Sales and Marketing is thankful for the support that the company has which will help them reach their desired goals. He was quoted to have said “It feels good to now have the support to become what Skoda always wanted — an affordable brand focused on practical, solid products.”

“The term ‘exclusivity’ is nowhere to be found at Skoda.”

2018 target for both Skoda and Volkswagen

As Volkswagen aim to become the world’s number one car brand by 2018 overtaking Toyota in the process, Skoda have set quite a high target themselves of selling 1.5 million cars by the same year.

Projections represent a much lower figure of 1.41 million sales of Skoda vehicles by 2018. Most of the sales come from anticipations of first time buyers in difficult markets such as India, China and Russia. Last year the company managed to sell just over half of their required target with 768,000 sales. If the 1.5 million target was to be met, it would represent double that of Volkswagen’s estimated 41% growth rate.

Ferdinand Dudenhoeffer, the Director of the Center for Automotive Research at the University of Duisburg stated the target market where the company needs to be aiming towards. He said “Skoda needs status products for wealthy first-car buyers in China and cheap models for the rather saturated European markets,” “They’re doing the splits under difficult circumstances.”

Completely changed

Volkswagen have completely changed certain aspects of Skoda according to Jaroslav Jelinek, the Head of Laureta Auto AS. He said “VW brought huge technological potential to Skoda and completely overhauled the factory” He also reinstated how important the takeover was by saying “It saved Skoda.”

Indeed Skoda has already outdone Volkswagen with the Skoda Superb beating the Volkswagen Passat in a quality survey conducted by Auto Bild Newspaper. If you can’t beat them join them.

Will Skoda reach their 1.5 million target by 2018? If they are owned by Volkswagen then they have every chance.