SEAT confirmed earlier this month that they will introduce the new Mii city car to their line-up. Fans were also given a taste of what the five door variant will look like too.

Ecomotive version

The car’s Ecomotive will specialise in being as economical as possible. It will emit just 96 g/km of C02. With all variants, you will a great performance in terms of economy. The car will contain a lightweight body. The drivetrain for all built within will be more efficient and economical.

Start Stop technology

The new SEAT Mii will contain a start stop system, something which has become a standard amongst many car manufacturers across the automotive industry. This will smartly will turn the engine off when the car is idle, and then switch it back on when the vehicle is ready to be driven off again. Naturally this will improve the fuel efficiency of the car as well as the carbon emissions.

Great response in Europe

The President of SEAT has explained how the car is performing well in Europe. Many are opting for the Mii thanks to it’s great economical value and low purchase price in a region crippled with debt. He said “The new Mii has enjoyed a terrific start. Customer response in Spain is outstanding and we are now bringing the entire line-up to the other European markets – complete with the three-door, five-door and Ecomotive versions.”

Youthful design

He went to describe how the SEAT Mii will perform so well with its great attributes saying “With its distinctive SEAT identity, its youthful design and its high quality standards, the five-door i in particular is set to capture a significant share of the sub-compact segment. This makes the Mii an important factor in our corporate strategy. The Mii marks the start of the most extensive model offensive ever undertaken by SEAT.”

A wonderfully practical car

The five door version will offer that extra bit more of practicality and will appeal to many potential owners. The car holds its values by remaining compact despite containing two extra doors. Inside the cabin there is a surprising amount of room. Four adults are able to sit in comfort. The seats are able to be folded back for extra practicality. The boot space is one of the largest in its class. There are nice compartments for storage around the car and parking is made easy too thanks to the car’s small size.