The Volkswagen Passat Alltrack is due for release very soon here in the UK. The car is expected to arrive here in July and will be priced at £28,500. The car’s main rivals are the Audi A4 Allroad and the Subaru Outback

An SUV without being an SUV

It is one of the most highly anticipated cars of the year. Being a larger off roader version of the Passat, the Alltrack has all the advantageous attributes of a normal SUV but just without the typical bulk. That alone will be one of the major selling points of the car.


It is very economical too as you would expect with any car that has a Passat label attached to it. Expect an MPG rating of 49.6 and carbon emissions of 150g/km.

Great drive

The Volkswagen Passat Alltrack rides quite high. This means that those annoying speed bumps will hardly be felt.

The car a offers a comfortable drive with wonderfully weighted steering. Cruising on the motorway is made delightful thanks to the excellent suspension system. The car does grip the road very well too.


Off road capabilities

When off road, the car has some great technology built within to help the car make it’s way out difficult situations. The off road mode built within the car is switched on by a simple touch of a button. The descent control system, which is automatically switched on with the off road mode, can apply the brakes when the car rolls back. It can adjust the brakes for slippery surfaces.

Drivers with families who want to go on outdoor family trips and experience driving off road along with having enough space within the boot to carry plenty of storage will favour the Alltrack. Don’t expect the car to be a typical Volkswagen Passat just with an extra four wheel drive.

Engine variants

There will be two variants available in terms of engines offered. Both will be a 2.0 litre diesel offering 138 BHP and the other 168 BHP. The 138 BHP version produces a satisfying drive with enough power to please most. This particular variants comes with a six speed manual gearbox. The 168 BHP comes with a DSG semi automatic gearbox transmission, which Volkswagen has a particularly good reputation for. Many may sway towards the DSG rather than the manual.


Inside there is plenty of space to sit in great comfort. The boot measures 603 litres, which is larger than the Audi A4 Allroad or Subaru Outback.

We cannot wait for the car to be released.