Various different car manufacturers are looking to the future. They are all adopting cleaner and more eco-friendly technologies to run their cars, investing millions at a time when doing so. Many need to adopt ways of doing so as pollution produced from cars is indeed causing the environment major damage.

Volkswagen’s attempt at being more “green” comes in the form of their Bluemotion range. They offer the most environmentally friendly and fuel efficient cars within the Volkswagen brand. The objective is to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Bluemotion is a combination of various pieces of innovative technology. Volkswagen ensures that although Bluemotion cars are cleaner, they are no less fun to drive.

We list and discuss the Bluemotion technologies below.


 Applying the brakes when driving naturally uses energy. Bluemotion technology recovers the energy used in order for it to be reapplied. This helps reduce C02 emissions and burn fuel too.

Stop Start

 A common feature throughout many brands, stop start simply ensures that your car is off when it is not being used. For example you could be stuck in traffic and normally cars would be wasting petrol and emitting C02 whilst idle. Start Stop makes vehicles much more efficient within those sort of situations.It works in a very simple way. The driver must ensure that the gear is in neutral and the clutch is eleased for the engine to switch off. To reactive the engine the driver must press on the clutch once more and select first gear.

Low rolling resistance

 This piece of technology involves the tyres of the car. They are fitted in a certain way which ensures that less power is needed to drive the car. This provides better efficiency overall for the whole car.


 Aerodynamics involves the particular design of the car achieving lower C02 emissions and a lot less fuel consumption. The main difference being that the car is not dragged back as much through wind resistance. In fact it flows a lot easier when driving forward, naturally bringing about much less fuel consumption. Features such as various different panels and spoilers on Bluemotion models effectively underlie the superb aerodynamic effect.

The future

This is sure not to be all. Volkswagen will invest heavily on future innovative technologies to save customers money on fuel and do their bit for the environment. Not only that, they’ll also continue to improve on the technology they already have implemented.