Volkswagen’s top selling model in America, the Jetta has been converted into a hybrid model. Unveiled at the annual Detroit Motor Show, it is the company’s second model to be released.

The success of the Jetta

The Volkswagen Jetta sold a tremendous 150,515 in America. The company managed to grab a large chunk of the four door family sedan market in the country thanks to the Jetta. This was considered a great achievement by the German automakers. This particular type of category within the country is certainly an extremely competitive one. America is the world’s second largest automotive market behind China. With Volkswagen producing a vehicle that was competitively priced, having great quality equipment and that was also safe helped the Jetta propel to the top of the sales charts.

Details of the new hybrid

The new hybrid model will be combined with an electric motor too. The car will be able to reach a speed of 37 MPH on electricity only for 1.3 miles. The hybrid engine is able to be disconnected to bring about zero C02 emissions up to a speed of 44 MPH. That procedure may sound complicated but it is very easy to do. Simply press the E-mode button located on the dashboard.

Despite being an economical vehicle, the new Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid is not as slow as you think. The car cans achieve 0 – 60 MPH in less than 9 seconds.  When travelling on the motorway, the car is specially designed to keep the vehicle as fuel efficient as possible. The car automatically turns into coast mode at speeds of 84 MPH if the accelerator pedal is not in use. Cleverly, a monitor checks as to whether the pedal is actually in use and then disconnects the TSI engine.

No official MPG yet

The EPA are yet to officially verify the fuel economy for the Volkswagen Jetta. The company have claimed that it can achieve 45 MPG when considering city and motorway driving. The onboard lithium ion battery pack is climate controlled and also disconnect when an accident occurs, minimising the potential damage to the vehicle. Safety is a major aspect upon electric vehicles and will be one of the main selling points in the future.