Our title for this report may be slightly confusing but we can assure you that it is great news. The Volkswagen UP Has been confirmed as having the lowest insurance rating in the UK when it is released in 2012.

Cheap insurance for more than just the entry level UP!

It will now be the cheapest vehicle to insure in its class. Usually when you hear of a particular model being classed within a low insurance group, it only associates to the entry level class of the car. However it’s a different case with the new Volkswagen UP! along with the Take UP! which is the standard model on offer, the Move UP! along with the Bluemotion UP! are all placed within the same 1E insurance group.

Group 2E for the rest

The models above this range, including the Special Edition UP!, the White and UP! and the black models are higher than vehicles mentioned above but are still in the low insurance group of 2E. That rating is below the average group which ensures that the car lives up to its reputation of saving motorists the running costs.

Pre order now available

The car is not on the roads yet but is able to pre ordered now. The first Volkswagen UP! deliveries are expected to occur during March of next year. With this press release today, everyone can bet that the deliveries will shoot right up.

Surprisingly spacious

The Volkswagen UP! is quite spacious with room for up to four passengers despite its small size. Some may be surprised when they take a closer look as it does have some features that larger vehicles would contain.

We have discussed this fascinating car a number of times in our blog over the few months. One interesting article that we wrote about how 16 people managed to fit inside the Volkswagen UP!. Considering that the vehicle is being brandished about as a tiny city car, many were quite amazed at the report. (The article was named “Volkswagen Up! fits 16 people” and was published on the 26th of September. It’s was a brilliant way to show just how roomy the car really is.

The much talked about BlueMotion version of the car is bound to be one of the best sellers with the extra economical benefits that it offers.

Just when you thought the Volkswagen UP! couldn’t get any better?