The Volkswagen Passat CC will now only be known as the Volkswagen CC. It would appear that Volkswagen want the four door coupe to edge away from its family appeal.

There will be a number of new features with the new 2013 model which will naturally increase the price too. It is destined for released in May in the United States.

Edgier styling

The car has an edgy appeal to it. Both the front end of the car as well as the rear end has been modified to look that bit sharper and aggressive. The chrome grille helps distinguish the car away from the traditional Passat. Some have even described the car as a Volkswagen Phaeton lookalike, which in some quarters it does, which is not necessarily a bad feature.

Luxurious interior

The Volkswagen CC will be aimed at those who desire a luxury car. The interior is not cheap. There are plenty of luxurious features around the car. There will be a two tone colour scheme within the car. LED lights at the front and at the back of the car ensure that there is an added element of style on the new CC. Automatic climate control will come in great use. The rear view camera helps park the car in a safe manner. The front seats are heated and powered. With the windscreen, there are wipers that cleverly detect the rain again which is a wonderfully practical feature is. The stereo contains eight speakers in total making it a quality piece of equipment.

Gear choices available

One variant of the CC comes with a great 2.0 litre 200 BHP engine. It is the same engine as that within the spectacular Volkswagen Golf GTI. The six speed manual is cleverly mated to the car which offers a wholly exciting. The six speed DSG automated manual option does come at a price of $1,400. Sporty paddle shifters come as a compromise to keep the car’s sporty credentials.

Other gear choices available include a six speed Tiptronic automatic. This will only be made available on the 3.6 litre 4Motion vehicle. This particular version will be an all wheel drive. This version will cost $48,475. This includes all the fantastic optional extras, which do include a satellite navigation system, a panoramic sunroof, leather seating, satellite radio and a DynAudio 10 speaker sound system and more.