Volkswagen is launching a stunning new 3D website hosted in India named “Planet Volkswagen”.

Fans of Volkswagen as well as car fanatics are now able to explore the real impact that the company has in India in terms of values, philosophy and ideas.

The official launch is just days away on the 17th October. The official URL will be

It’s not just any old website however. It is a simple informative type of site with tons of articles to read. Interesting interactive features are present throughout, with people of all ages certain to be attracted. In other words, it’s a website that provides plenty of entertainment too.

Although the website is based on Volkswagen’s impact in India, Planet Volkswagen will still be interesting to us within the UK as well as others throughout the world. The heritage and prestige discussed maybe based solely on India, but various elements can also relate to other automotive industries  where Volkswagen is present throughout the world.

Lutz Kothe, who is the Head Marketing & PR Volkswagen Passenger Cars and Volkswagen Group India Pvt Ltd said Planet Volkswagen is a way of “celebrating” the company’s success. He said “With a rich heritage and a brand that has given some of the most loved cars in the world, this initiative is our effort to present the world of Volkswagen to all those who love celebrating cars.”

The website will have social media channels present throughout in order to showcase and spread positivity about the company. Using the likes of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to link with the new website is the way forward in terms of building an internet profile.

At present Planet Volkswagen is just in preview mode, as it has not been officially launched. However when we were going through the website in preview mode, it really did come across as something which will be very entertaining and useful when launched.

We are expecting a tremendous impact in India after its release. Volkswagen hosted a launch party with many celebrities in attendance. It would appear that the company have very high hopes about enhancing their reputation in India through the website.

Will we see other car companies follow suit? Will Volkswagen create a website like this in the UK? Whereas they may not need to in terms of adding to their spectacular reputation, many may like to see it if for entertainment purposes.