The most expensive Porsche has been sold for the price of £2.8 million. As you may have guessed it is a racing track variant capable of reaching exceptional speeds. The vehicle is a classic one named the 917/30.

Engine performance

The vehicle contains a staggering 1,000 BHP. Forget about Ferrari’s and other supercars hitting 0 – 62 MPH in 4 seconds, the 917/30 achieves the same in only 1.9 seconds. The top speed of the vehicle hits 240 MPH. It is no wonder that the nickname Turbopanzer has been attached to the vehicle.

Just four built

The car is also an exclusive and rare automobile too. There have been just four of them built. Two of the four are privately owned.

Many owners

The model in question was originally part of the Drendel Family Collection. Originally it was supposed to be raced by Mark Donohue in 1974. However the car was eventually sold to Alan Hamilton, an Australian Porsche importer.

Porsche bought the car back from Mr Hamilton and repainted the car in 1973. The Porsche was then placed in the Drendel Family Collection where it has stayed until the recent purchase.

Buyer unknown

The buyer is currently unknown. Internet rumours claim that the buyer is Porsche enthusiast Jerry Seinfield. The car was auctioned off alongside 17 other classics at Gooding and Company’s Amelia Island Auction in Florida.

17 cars sold at the auction

These vehicles established 17 different world record prices too. The car in question included a 1955 Porsche 550/1500 RS Spyder which commanded a price of £2.35 million. A Porsche 911 Carrera RSR Turbo was sold for £2 million. Total value of all cars sold at this auction was more than £23 million. Ten of which went for higher than £640,000.

Classic cars quite expensive

The prices of classic cars are clearly showing a tremendous rise at present. It is now more expensive than ever to purchase one.

Great interest

There was plenty of interest in the 917/30  with a ton of bids being placed, hence the record high price being eventually established.

David Gooding, who is the President and Founder of Gooding and Co has released a statement saying how pleased the company is after the sales. “We are extremely pleased with our $36 million auction results, as it underscores the continued strength at the top of the collector car market.”