Robert Hazelwood has been named the Director of Volkswagen Passenger Cars UK. Mr Hazelwood has already been working within the Volkswagen Group under the Skoda UK division as the Director. His new role will commence on May 1st 2012.

Major changes recently

There have been a lot of changes at management level within the Volkswagen Group. Chris Craft has recently been appointed as the Managing Director of Porsche Cars in the UK as of the start of next month.

Is there a better man for the job?

Simon Thomas, the Managing Director of the Volkswagen Group UK praised Mr Hazelwood and the great work which he had previously done within the group. “Robert has made a tremendous contribution to the business of the Volkswagen Group in the UK since he joined the company as Head of Group Synergies in Group Services just over six years ago.  He has been an extremely effective Director in Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and then at ŠKODA.  I’m sure he will relish the challenge of taking the helm at Volkswagen Passenger Cars.”

The history of Mr Hazelwood

Mr Hazelwood originally joined Volkswagen back in November 2005. His job title back then was the Head of Group Synergies. He then progressed to becoming the Director of Volkswagen Commercial vehicles in 2006. Two years later Mr Hazelwood then broke away from the Volkswagen brand to become the Director of Skoda UK, another company in the Volkswagen Group. This particular role was taken up by Mr Hazelwood since 2008.

Robert had previously worked for the Inchcape Group where he had undertaken plenty of roles.  In doing so Mr Hazelwood gained a great amount of knowledge within the automotive industry. High prestige roles of previous years include being the Managing Director of Inchcape Retail and the French Division of Mazda.