Skoda has done no harm to enhance their reputation at the Indian Delhi Expo.

Their line-up at the annual motor show included the Rapid, Laura, Superb, Yeti and Fabia. The new Rapid model will naturally attract the most attention as its name might suggest.

Skoda Fabia Scout

The new Fabia Scout is one of the most well-known models from the company throughout India. The car came with plastic armour and a raised suspension at the event. It was paraded as a premium hatchback which is well suited to the Indian countryside. There will once again be no four wheel drive option. The engines will be almost identical from the Fabia where there is a 1.2 petrol and diesel option along with the faster 1.6 petrol engine.

Skoda Yeti

They Skoda Yeti looked quite remarkable with a black roof surrounding bumpers that are body coloured. The Laura was also noted for special praise following it’s vRS transformation at the motor show. The car contains a sporty looking front bumper that comes with a lip spoiler too. The wonderful twin exhaust is polished and gives away that feeling of power. The fog lights appear to have been modified giving the Yeti a more aggressive look. A spoiler is also included on the boot, enhancing the car’s sport profile and performance too. The twin spoke alloy wheels give the car a wonderful look. The most important change is the new 1.8 TFSI engine which essentially backs up the Laura’s promise of power and great performance.

Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo

The Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo Edition is the 110th edition of the car. As this calls for a celebration, the car was displayed in White and Black paint. The Skoda Motorsport division boasts the same colour scheme. The contrast of colours is wonderfully placed, with the body being white and all other elements being black. This includes smoked headlamps, the 17 inch alloy wheels, the mirror housings and the front grille. Seat colours will come in black or red seats. Blacks sports seats are also an option. The leather steering wheel will be made available in red stitching too. The 1.2 engine will be able to achieve 105 BHP it has been estimated.

Skoda will surely raise their profile in one of the world’s best emerging markets. India may prove to be one of the best car industries in many years to come.