Volkswagen has finally revealed more information on the 5 door variant of the Volkswagen UP! The car will naturally appear to be more practical with extra space and 2 extra doors. Accessing the rear seats will be easier. The appeal to small families will certainly be greatly enhanced.

The 5 door variant of the city car is sure to be popular throughout the UK automotive market. Despite containing more doors, the city car will contain the same 2.4m wheelbase as the three door version.

Same inside

When sitting inside the car, there isn’t a larger amount of head room or leg room. Dimensions are exact when comparing the three door variant. The same goes for the luggage capacity which remains at just 251 litres. This is expanded when the seats are folded down to 951 litres.

Different variants

Expect the same trim levels too. The Volkswagen UP! 5 door will come with the Take UP, Move UP and High UP variants.


One ground breaking feature of the soon to arrive city car is the great amount of technology that it will have. The Maps and & More infotainment system is sure to provide all motorists with great assistance. It’s a portable device which slots neatly into the dashboard. The unique system is voice controlled and controls everything from navigation, information, entertainment and communication. The system only comes as standard upon the High UP! variants. With every other vehicle, it will cost £275.


The City Emergency Braking System comes as an extra but is certainly an option worth going for. It applies the brakes at speeds of up to 18 MPH when sensors reveal that a collision is looming. This could help avoid the crash altogether or just lessen the blow. At £225 as an extra, many motorists are sure to trump for it.

Without that the Volkswagen UP! can still hold a reputation of being quite a safe vehicle. Apart from the Take UP variant, front and side airbags as well as stability control is fitted as standard. The three door car managed to secure a 5 star rating at the EuroNCAP tests. The five door variant shouldn’t be any different.

Offering a 5 door variant of the small city car may prove to be quite a masterstroke. The 3 door version may have proved to be that bit too impractical for some but the 5 door may do the trick.