With the price being a minimum of £130,220 you would expect the Bentley Continental Saloon to produce near miracles. In some respects it does in our opinion. We discuss exactly why the car is so great in our review today.


The standard version of the Continental saloon produces 552 BHP from it’s 6.0 litre W12 engine. If that isn’t enough for you then the Sport version is able to achieve 600 BHP which in effect makes this variant the first ever Bentley saloon to produce 200 MPH. Even when you want to race and overtake the fastest of vehicles on our roads, you will never get an uneasy feel behind the wheel with the ride being ultimately smooth at all times. That luxurious feeling remains even when zipping to 70 MPH and when overtaking.

The drive

The drive is smooth and comfortable at all times, no matter what the speed or type of road. The four wheel drive system helps provide extra traction within those difficult conditions. The air suspension built within is able to be modified by the driver as they have a choice of four settings to choose from. Whether the driver want to opt for a wholly comforting ride or one that offers a better handling experience it is completely up to them. The engine is very quiet but makes a splendid noise when it is being worked hard.


As part of Volkswagen’s scheme to generalise their production of vehicles, they have used plenty of features already seen within the likes of the Phaeton Limo. High quality materials are used throughout with a great mix of leather, chrome as well as wood on many items.


Vehicle safety is extremely high on the agenda as so much power needs to be contained in some way. The Bentley Continental comes with some of the world’s most sophisticated safety equipment systems which include curtain airbags, active anti whiplash front head restraints and side airbags. Security features include deadlocks and an alarm.


No one is ever disappointed with the equipment that comes with a Bentley. With this model comes a four zone climate control system, satellite navigation and leather and electric seats as standard. The optional extras list contains literally whatever you would want.

Bentley Continental Saloon variants


  • Saloon 6.0 W12 Flying Spur 4dr – £133,200
  • Saloon 6.0 W12 Flying Spur Speed 4dr – £150,900