Due for release this summer, many expert testers have got the chance to drive the production vehicle. Many have praised the vehicle as Skoda’s missing link, as they do not possess a city car within their line-up. Could this be the car to help change the fortunes of the automaker?

A number of first’s for the Citigo

For the first time ever Skoda have made a three door car. There is also a five door variant available which will naturally be more practicality. Backed by Volkswagen, Skoda’s new Citigo does posses all the necessary attributes to be a great city car. It makes sense to release the car now, as the current small car market is experiencing great demand at present.

Skoda’s new logo will be displayed for the first time on the Citigo. For a car that has a number of firsts, the Citigo is clearly a significant addition for Skoda.

Rival cars

It face will competition of very similar forms. Deriving from the Volkswagen group will be the Volkswagen UP! as well as the SEAT Mii.


The car will not be blessed with tremendous acceleration and pace as you can imagine. There will be a 1.0 litre 3 cylinder petrol engine installed. There will be two variants, one producing 60 BHP with the other producing 75 BHP. You will really need to put your foot down when you need to get going somewhere in a hurry. If you do, you will overwork the car as it is not designed to drive at high speeds.

Many reviews believe that there is hardly any difference between them. The 60 BHP variant is probably a better option to select. The 60 BHP engine will reach 0 – 62 MPH in 14.4 seconds whereas the 75 BHP engine will reach 0 – 62 MPH in 13.2 seconds.

Despite being a small car, when driving casually, the car does produce a very comfortable and easy going ride. The car’s engine suits the calmer and conservative type of drive. Taking corners are made to be fairly easy with the car’s light and easy steering.

Inside the cabin

The Skoda Citigo has a nicely designed interior which combine colours and materials in a pleasant way.

There is more room than you may expect. The boot is a massive 250 litres and is a leader within the city car class.

Skoda is aiming for a vehicle that is safe, stylish, and practical and one that contains plenty of quality. Many believe Citigo can live up to that reputation.