Volkswagen has announced that they are bringing the new generation Volkswagen Beetle to India. It will be showcased to fans at the Indian Auto Expo 2012 in January. Its display is sure to grab plenty of headlines.

Praise throughout other parts of the world

We have already discussed how the 3rd generation of the Volkswagen Beetle will appeal to more males than ever before in our article named “Is the Volkswagen Beetle no longer a girls car?” posted back in September. It has already received some great feedback from automotive expert reviewers across the world. Appearances at the Shanghai Auto Show and the New York Auto Show have raised its profile and many are expecting great sales of the car.

Made bigger for more reasons than one

The changes to the car include an extension of its size. That includes a 152 mm extension in length and an 84 mm extension on it’s width. It will sit 12 mm lower giving the car a more sporty look. The car’s framework is said to base upon the Volkswagen Golf’s IV platform.  Creating more space within the cabin and increasing the car’s size has made it look slightly more intimidating and masculine. That change in design was considered a move to make the car appeal to males as well as make it more practical.

The new generation Beetle now has more headroom and leg room thanks to the dimension extensions. The boot also sees a greater amount of space.


As part of Volkswagen’s underlying strategy to create more fuel efficient cars, they couldn’t have selected a better market place to highlight such technologies. The company are planning to use the show to showcase their BlueMotion technology ideas as part of their idea to “Think Blue”. Automotive companies within the country are looking at ways to bring about vehicles that are more fuel efficient.

What India will get

Sources have said that three engine options will be introduced with the new Beetle. These include a 2.5 litre 5 cylinder engines that is able to produce 170 BHP, a 2.0 litre TDI diesel which will be able to produce 140 BHP and a 2.0 litre TSI turbocharged Sport model that can achieve 200 BHP.

Sources have claimed that India will receive the 2.0 litre diesel option which will be operated using an automatic gearbox. Diesel engines are being introduced more than ever throughout the country as fuel prices are continually on the rise.