The Volkswagen Eos is a wonderful car to drive that looks very sporty too. It’s not one of the companies’ most popular cars but is nevertheless one of best cars they have in the range.

In this article we look at some of the car’s best features.

The drive

The handling and the superb feel of the drive are perhaps the car’s best features. Sport models offer a more engaging ride and a much firmer suspension. All models will provide a wonderfully comfortably ride however. There is a great feeling of agility in the car with very responsive steering that is weighted almost perfectly.

The driving position is perfectly placed. When on the road, you’ll feel in complete control with a great view and be really engaged into the drive of the car.


As mentioned the car’s drive is quite superb. The drive of a car wouldn’t be anything without a decent performing engine to back it up, which is exactly what the Volkswagen Eos offers. The 121 BHP 1.4 TSI is fairly nippy, with the 1.4 177 BHP offering that bit more speed. The turbodiesel option also offers a great performance too, with it being a 2.0 litre engine that can produce 138 BHP.

Standard Equipment

There are alloy wheels, rear parking sensors, electric windows and well designed alloys wheels with every model. Spending a little bit extra to get the Sport model will give even larger alloy wheels, automatic headlights as well as wipers and a sportier suspension. The highest level model contains heated front leather seats, climate control and darker styled rear lights.

Purchasing the vehicle

As an investment buying this particular car won’t leave you disappointed. Many experts have said that the car holds its value very well. The MPG and C02 emissions ratings are quite impressive considering the class of the car. The turbodiesel is your best bet for fuel economy and eco-friendliness.


A fantastic edition to the Volkswagen range, the Eos is a car to be proud of. It looks great, drives with the comfort of a luxury car and you will get near enough your money back if you decide to sell.

It may be a bit pricey to purchase, but you won’t pay too much to run Volkswagen Eos.