A couple of Volkswagen used cars have received some praise recently and won awards too.

Well respected automotive magazine and website What Car has named the 2006 Volkswagen Passat Estate as the best second hand estate car of the year along the Volkswagen Golf winning the best used green car.

The Volkswagen Passat is considered as one the best options available on the market with its style, practicality, driving experience and economy ratings. Kurtis Williams from Lex Autolease who was on the judging panel echoed these claims by stating “The Passat is a brilliantly built premium estate with excellent diesel engines. It’s surprisingly handsome for such a practical car.” It’s no wonder that the car managed to scoop the best Used Estate Car of the year.

It is not a surprise that the Volkswagen Golf SE 1.6 is still winning awards. It’s a brilliant car in terms of fuel economy and carbon emissions. The editor of Whatcar? Matt Sagner stated exactly how great the car is to own. “Great to drive and very efficient, the Golf should be at the top of every green driver’s wish list.”

Used cars represent huge market potential. Not everyone is able to afford a brand new car, leaving some forced to look at the second hand option.

In order to make the purchasing process of buying a used car as desirable and appealing as that of purchasing an old car, Volkswagen has launched a new program named ‘Das WeltAuto’.

Dave Wilding who works for Volkswagen commented on the scheme saying they are trying to enhance the customer experience when buying a used car. He said “Despite our best efforts there is still a gap between the new and used car purchase experience. In launching Das WeltAuto, we’re attempting to close that gap and to match the used car and the package that comes with it to the requirements of the customer. We’ve worked hard to develop the right components for the programme and also on branding and marketing. Wherever customers see the orange Das WeltAuto branding they’ll know they’ll get a great customer experience.”

Volkswagen used cars are clearly showing how well they are able to hold their value. They certainly seem like a good bet if you need a second hand car.