The Volkswagen Polo R, does it have a nice ring to it? We are not sure but it is set to join the Volkswagen range later next year.

The Volkswagen R division was developed in order to compete with Mercedes-Benz AMG and BMW M divisions. It’s the companies answer to providing a high end performance section for their cars. Is there space for a Polo to be placed within the division?

No four wheel drive? Decent performance figures

There will be a 1.6 TSI litre engine under the bonnet which can produce 210 BHP according to some sources. The car will be just a front wheel drive car and not a wheel drive, like many fans would want.  The PQ25 platform won’t be able to contain that type of driving system unfortunately.

The car will be able to achieve 0-62 MPH in 6 seconds and reach a top speed of 150 MPH. Those are very respectable figures considering the overall class of the Polo.

Replacement of the 1.8 TSI engine

The 1.6 litre TSI engine mentioned is set to replace the current 1.8 litre TSI engine.  With age the Volkswagen 1.8 litre TSI engine has naturally become insufficient and effective to last in newer future models. It is for that reason that the engine has become outdated and no longer effective.

Is there space for a Polo R

Some sources have estimated that the car will cost around £24,000. Is that too pricey? This year we are expecting the arrival of the new Volkswagen Polo GTI after being previewed at the Geneva Motor Show.  It is expected to cost around £18,000 and produce 177 BHP from a 1.4 litre engine. Isn’t that enough? Is there a need for the Volkswagen Polo R? Will there be a huge demand for it?

The Volkswagen Scirocco R and the Volkswagen Golf R are also set to be unleashed onto the market in the near future. Perhaps they will be received very well by many as they are a more powerful type of car. But will the Volkswagen Polo R have the same sort of effect? It won’t come with a four wheel drive system like the Golf R will and isn’t known as a sporty type of vehicle in any respect. It will be a tough car to market if it does get sold in the UK.