Today we review the 2011 Volkswagen Tiguan Bluemotion. It’s the latest car in the companies promising Bluemotion range.

It will be the entry level S trim Tiguan variant.

We take a look and see as to whether the car is all it is hyped up to be.


Bluemotion is the Volkswagen way of making individual models more economical. Innovative technology is implemented throughout in order for the car to emit less C02 and increase its MPG figure.

With regards to the Volkswagen Tiguan Bluemotion there is a host of Volkswagen’s Bluemotion technology implemented throughout. This includes brake energy regeneration, low rolling resistance tyres and longer gearing.

Driving the Tiguan

The 2.0 litre engine produces just 108 BHP. It’s safe to say that those who own this vehicle will not be going for tremendous power and handling of a sports car. But it definitely does the job in terms of providing an adequate performance level, considering the class of car.

When on the motorway and gathering the pace, the car offers a nice and quite drive. Passengers will be unlikely to complain of the noise levels.

The steering of the car is very light making the car easy to drive. Manoeuvres can be executed with ease. The handling isn’t quite that of a sports car as mentioned before but it is perhaps up there with one offering one the best experiences within the car’s class.

Inside the cabin

As far as equipment goes, you get air conditioning, an electronically operated handbrake, and variable speed windscreen wipers along with a decent stereo system which comes with an auxiliary socket.

The overall build quality of the car is brilliant. Volkswagen appears to be taking great notice when it comes to attention to detail when it comes to this car. The car contains a wonderful interior which is quite attractive.


The car will set you back around £21,730. A fair price for a vehicle built with a great amount of quality.

The Volkswagen Tiguan Bluemotion is certainly your best bet in terms of economy after considering the whole range. It’s a diesel too, meaning the fuel economy will be outstanding, with the car emitting 139g/km.