Volkswagen profits for 2011 have already reached the same level as what it did in the whole of last year.

In yet again another profit busting article about Volkswagen today, we reported yesterday how sales in India and America have grown.

There was more to the story, as the title of this article suggests. We take a further in depth look into what else the recent performance means for the company.

Dieter Pötsch, Member of the Board of Management of Volkswagen AG said the “robustness” of the company helped them get to where they stand today. He was quoted to have said “We have further increased our profitability and impressively demonstrated the robustness of our Group. We are on the right track with our strict cost and investment discipline and will systematically continue along this path”

He also continued to say that he is looking to the future by meeting their target of becoming the world’s biggest mass car producer by 2018.  He said “We have established a strong position and our sound finances mean we are well prepared for the future, even if this entails economic uncertainties. At the same time, this continues to give us the necessary financial flexibility for our investments and to implement our Strategy 2018.” He also said “We are on the right path to becoming the world’s leading automaker by 2018 – in both economic and ecological terms.”

We all know that Volkswagen profit this year will beat the figures of last year. Martin Winterkorn who is the Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen, predicated that those figures will actually be “significantly” higher than the ones today.  He said “We expect Group sales revenue and operating profit in 2011 to be significantly higher than in the previous year”

He also said that the company are not getting carried away and are aware of the global economic crisis. He was quoted to have said “In light of the current economic uncertainties, we are continuing to monitor developments in the global automotive markets extremely closely”.

Volkswagen really does have it all, according to the CEO. Another statement reads “Our expertise in technology and design allows us to provide a diverse, attractive and environmentally friendly range of products to meet our costumers’ desires across the globe,”

Who would argue with that? Expect to hear more about Volkswagen profits in the near future.